Hi, my name is Inma Güerri

A radical stop in my life meant that, by chance and without really knowing the way, my hands came across this new artistic facet.

I entered a fascinating world. Unleashing my imagination has been a priceless therapeutic act.

In my works, I rediscover my roots. I go back to CHÍA and GRAUS, I convert the images of my childhood into straight lines drawn with force, I play with curved lines that are entangled between them, but that are able to rearrange themselves to give meaning to life.

And in this swing of ideas, I love to play with colors.

Each work has a title and a story behind it.

But, dear viewer, the magic of art lies in the fact that each individual can interpret the work in ways and feelings that are in no way comparable to the vision of the author.


The works are printed using the digital printing method known as Art Glicée, a technique based on the application of tiny drops of pigmented inks on FineArt paper or photographic supports. (Photo Rag® by Hahnemühle 308gr – 100% cotton or Premium Mate 280gr., with high resolution large format printers. This system produces continuous tone images, with no perceptible texture or pattern, as faithful as the original.

I encourage you to join me on this adventure.

You can find me at:

      • INSTAGRAM: @inma.guerri

      • FACEBOOK: Inma Güerri - Arte Digital